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Early Settlers To Fox Lake Honored in Cemetery Walk

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Posted 6/25/18

Early Settlers To Fox Lake

Honored in Cemetery Walk


A Cemetery Walk will take place in Fox Lake, WI. on July 7th , from 7:30 to 9:00 PM. It will honor some of the very first settlers in Dodge County. The Cemetery was first begun on May 30, 1850, when the Waushara Cemetery Association was organized at the office of Stoddard Judd, in the Village of Waushara, County of Dodge. Waushara was one of the first names for the Village of Fox Lake. The Cemetery is now called the Riverside Memorial Park located on Hamilton St., Fox Lake, Wisconsin.

The Cemetery Walk has become a tradition in Fox Lake for many years. Among those honored this year will be James Bonner, C.C. Hurd, Addie McCoy and Josephus Williams who married Jennie McDowell.

Everyone is welcome to come and get a real taste of what it was like for these settlers to leave their homes, travel great distances by foot or ox cart and carve out a spot in a new world. They met with great personal sacrifices, Native Americans that they could not communicate with, and years of back-breaking work, in order to make a better “FREE” place for their families to live.

At least ten early settlers of Fox Lake will be honored in the Cemetery Walk. The settlers honored in the 2018 walk have never before been reenacted at the Cemetery Walk. The cemetery stones are chosen each year in the cemetery and then those buried beneath them are researched in the Harriett O’Connell Historical Room located in the lower level of the Fox Lake Public Library. From the beginning of the first settlers coming to Dodge County, the Browers in 1836, records have been recorded and kept. Many of those records have been indexed by dozens of volunteers since 1982, now allowing for research on the individuals that played an important part in the beginnings of Fox Lake. Both Lori Schultz and Julie Flemming spend many hours searching through records to find out the facts about the buried person honored in the Walk.

The cemetery walk is done with tikki lights positioned at each grave, even though they will not be needed for light. There is nothing that will ever scare a child and children are welcome at the Cemetery Walk. The cost of the walk is $4.00 per adult and $1.00 per child. Guides are available to take small groups through, but even without a guide it is easy to see where to go. For more information one can contact Julie Flemming at 920-210-7865.



Julie Flemming