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Trinity Church United Methodist Blue Zones Project Approved Faith-Based Community

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Posted 11/5/18

Trinity Church United Methodist Blue Zones Project Approved Faith-Based Community


Beaver Dam, Wisconsin –November 4, 2018 – Blue Zones Project® Dodge County held a ribbon cutting celebration today at Trinity Church - United Methodist in Beaver Dam to recognize the organization as the newest faith-based community to become Blue Zones Project Approved™. This designation demonstrates the commitment of Trinity Church and its wellness team to improve the well-being of its congregation by focusing on physical well-being in addition to social and spiritual well-being.


“Participating in our county's Blue Zones Project has been an ideal way to bring focus to the ministry priorities we most want to share with our community: inviting each person to experience health and wholeness, highlighting the gifts of being grounded in a faith community, and encouraging people to identify the purpose God intends for our lives,” commented Pastor Cherie Forret.


Trinity Church’s volunteer wellness team met regularly starting in July to decide which well-being practices most appealed to their congregation. With strong ties to the community and a mission of outreach, incorporating healthier food, increased movement, and opportunities to bring people together were important to the wellness team.


One of the top priorities from the wellness committee was to add some healthy snack choices to special events and fellowship time. The additional options have been well received by members of all ages. The church held a plant-slant potluck following the ribbon cutting ceremony which allowed all participants to taste a variety of healthy and delicious foods. This winter, Potluck Moais or groups will be formed as part of their “Konnect” program which encourages members of the congregation to get to know one another better while sharing food.


Trinity Church hosted Vacation Bible School for children from a variety of faith-communities last summer. Many of the activities kept both the kids and adults moving and active while deepening their faith. Trinity also holds youth lock-in events where kids are able to connect through various games and activities. The Beaver Dam CROP Hunger Walk was an interfaith activity that Trinity Church members participated in to raise money and awareness for hunger both locally and around the world.


Bringing people together around faith and sharing that with the community through outreach is important to Trinity Church. The prayer garden is often used by the church for events such as flowering of the cross and pet blessing services. There are many volunteer opportunities within the church and outside of the church including youth and families helping with the monthly Dodge County mobile food pantry distribution. Serving others not only aligns with faith teachings, but also improves the well-being of those who serve. Visitation ministry at Trinity Church connects volunteers with home-bound people in the community to offer a well-being check-up. Services like these are part of the reason why people who belong to and actively participate in a faith-based community at least four times a month live 4-14 years longer.


Liz Pickart, member of Trinity’s Wellness team said, “Blue Zones Project has been such a great addition to Trinity Church. It has positively impacted the many activities and programs Trinity offers its congregation and the surrounding community in so many ways. Small changes like adding a “plant slant” to community dinners, participating in more active volunteer opportunities like the CROP Walk, and inviting wellness speakers to Cozy Corner have helped increase awareness of healthy lifestyle choices, encouraged physical activity to decrease stress, and fostered relationships and feelings of well-being. It’s very exciting to be part of a program that encourages taking small, manageable steps to improve overall health, happiness and longevity. I can’t wait to see what new Blue Zones inspired health and wellness opportunities we develop here at Trinity as we continue to reach out and touch the lives of the people we serve—now and in the future.