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Around the Corner


Horicon, WI, was featured in Episode #611 in Around the Corner with John McGivern! The episode was aired on Thursday, March 30th, 2017! Watch the episode below and check out the link to learn more about the episode! 

Learn more about the episode!

For 29 years now, Horicon has been a Tree City, USA! Horicon is also a Bird City, USA since 2012! These things are what makes our great community stand out! Along side with the brave men and women who serve the citizens of Horicon daily, keeping them from harm. The Horicon Police Department envisions a city where the law enforcement can anticipate future needs through community outreach and awareness.

Learn more about what YOU can do to protect our treesand what are threats to birds! Check out the Horicon Police Department's website and tips for keeping you safe!