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Hometown Pharmacy Recognized as a Blue Zones Project Approved worksite

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Posted 9/1/18

Hometown Pharmacy Recognized as a Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite


Beaver Dam, Wisconsin –August 29, 2018 – Blue Zones Project® Dodge County held a ribbon cutting celebration today at Hometown Pharmacy in Beaver Dam to celebrate them as the newest worksite to become Blue Zones Project Approved™. This designation demonstrates the commitment that Hometown Pharmacy along with owner, Dr. Abbi Linde, have to focusing on employee and community well-being.


“My family and I are proud local owners of a small business. We are really happy to be part of Blue Zones Project. Blue Zones Project is everything I believe in and that I try to do as a pharmacist in our pharmacy. Family is obviously very important to me as is helping people lose weight and helping people manage their medication with food. With all of these things together, I knew I needed to be part of Blue Zones Project. We only have six employees at Hometown Pharmacy, but I knew I wanted to make our worksite healthy for them and for their families,” said Dr. Linde.


Hometown Pharmacy recognizes the importance of optimizing employee well-being so that employees are better able to care for their customers. The pharmacy, located inside of Rechek’s Food Pride, a Blue Zones Project Approved grocery store, is able to offer employees spaces and services greater than their small footprint would suggest. For instance, with only a few windows available, employees started a small self-watering herb garden with plans of adding more containers to expand the garden.


Rechek’s highlights Blue Zones inspired deli dishes with tags identifying the salads as Hometown Approved by Dr. Abbi and these healthy lunches are only steps away from Hometown Pharmacy. This makes healthy lunch choices quick and easy for employees. The staff also started a Potluck Moai® which met weekly for five weeks to enjoy plant-based meals together.


In Hometown Pharmacy, employees have the option of using either standing or sitting workstations. There is also a small break room which can be used as a quiet space for employees to downshift. Walking routes have been identified around Rechek’s and employees use a fitness tracking app to keep track of their steps throughout the day.


Making healthy choices is further reinforced through the wellness program and health coaching program called Evolve Wellness which is free to employees and offered to the community. In this group, Abbi shares tips and challenges to improve well-being and shares success stories. In addition, Hometown Pharmacy and Rechek’s have partnered to offer healthy cooking demonstrations and grocery store tours led by Dr. Linde.


Dr. Linde is proud to say, “We are so much more than a regular pharmacy that fills prescriptions. We really help people get healthier rather than staying sick.”


Brought to Dodge County by Beaver Dam Community Hospitals, in collaboration with Sharecare, Inc. and Blue Zones, LLC, Blue Zones Project is a community-by-community well-being improvement initiative—designed to make healthy choices easier through sustainable changes to environment, policy, and social networks.


For details about becoming a Blue Zones Project Approved organization or general information about Blue Zones Project, Dodge County, call 920-212-8511, or visit dodgecounty.bluezonesproject.com.