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“History of the Storck Breweries”

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Posted 11/6/18

Rock River Archaeological Society

Presents “History of the Storck Breweries”

November 14, 2018


Judge John Storck, now retired, will be sharing the history of the Storck Breweries at the Rock River Archaeological Society meeting on November 14 (Wed) at 6:30 PM. The talk will be done in the Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center at N7725 Hwy 28, Horicon, WI. The meeting is open to the public and there is no charge for attending. Doors open at 5:45 PM and it can be accessed from the upper parking lot until 6:30 PM. The talk will be presented in the classroom area of the Education and Visitor Center.

Being a direct descendent of the Storck families that started operation in 1884, Judge John Storck has a lot of stories that have been passed down over the years.

The Storck Breweries were located in Schleisingerville, WI., which is now Slinger, WI. In John’s talk we will learn how the name went from Schleisingerville to Slinger. He will also share how the brewery made it through Prohibition and beyond. The fact that it was active during Prohibition makes it an oddity. Some Prohibition breweries were able to stay in business by producing “near-beer” which was very low alcohol, some switched over to bottling sodas or other beverages, some became ice-houses or other related businesses. How did the Storck Brewery make it? We will find out.

A variety of items will be brought to the meeting for display such as a wooden half-barrel and signs of the brewery. It will be a very interesting program about the Storck Breweries that operated in Schleisingerville where only 3 breweries ever existed.

The public is invited to attend and enjoy the snacks after the program that are contributed by the members of the Rock River Archaeological Society. For more information one may call 920-928-6094.